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Unique transport model promotes sustainable mobility in Madrid

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Consulting firm Tema Grupo Consultor is using PTV Visum to create a unique mobility model for the entire Madrid region, contributing to the development of new areas where sustainable mobility is a priority.

Traditionally, transportation modeling has relied on synthetic matrices and aggregated travel information, resulting in limited accuracy and detail. However, the flexibility of PTV Visum allowed Tema Grupo Consultor to easily integrate mobile phone data into their traffic model, adding a new level of precision and real-world insight.

With PTV Visum, the consultancy combines data from multiple sources, including regional and national institutions, as well as its own proprietary information. This fusion of data sources provides a new level of knowledge and modeling capacity, resulting in a traffic model of higher quality and reliability.

The unique model with PTV Visum has already been used in a wide range of studies and projects in the Madrid region. Such as the traffic and mobility study for the new Las Tablas Oeste urbanization project in the north of the city. 

Here, PTV Visum allowed Tema Grupo Consultor to calibrate its traffic model and replicate current scenarios, generating reliable forecasts for future urban development. This included advocating for Transit Oriented Development (TOD), diversified road access points, and a well-defined parking strategy. 

Most importantly, PTV Visum facilitated the recommendation of high-density development around public transit hubs to reduce travel times and encourage the use of sustainable modes such as bicycling, walking, and public transit. The result? A projected reduction in private car use of more than 20%.

"Over the years, we have relied on PTV Visum to build a powerful transportation model for the Madrid region. The software's foundations and flexibility are essential to deliver reliable results".

Alexei García Inozemtsev
Transport Modeler, TEMA Grupo Consultor

The results

Transport model
Reliable transport model for the entire Madrid region
Pedestrian area benefit PTV Visum
Model provides roadmap for 20% reduction in car use in new district
PTV Visum Benefit parking
Strategies to diversify road access and optimize parking

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