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Network-wide models help Wales improve public transport across all modes

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Transport for Wales (TfW) is the government authority responsible for public transport services in Wales. To successfully deliver its transport schemes and business plans, TfW needs accurate models of its entire network. For TfW, these models are also a tool for “out of the box thinking”. So, it chose to rely on modelling by PTV Visum software.

The models are a digital representation of journeys within Wales, by car, bus, and rail, as well as walking and cycling for access to rail stations and bus stops. They contain information on the trips that people make by each form of transport and represent the regional travel peaks.

By using PTV Visum, TfW utilises junction-level highway assignment, timetable-based public transport assignment, and a built-in demand model. All these components are fully integrated in PTV Visum, and compliant with WelTAG guidance. PTV Visum is therefore unique in offering a one-stop solution for all modelling and visualization needs.

More recently, TfW has been using PTV Visum models to assess the impact of Covid-19 on travel patterns and its decarbonisation targets. The models explored what might happen if different proportions of people decided to work from home more often, and the impact on carbon emissions.

“The regional transport models built using PTV Visum provide the transport planning industry in Wales with the highest standard of modelling and consistency across the country to improve the quality of the evidence base for transport decision making”

Rhian Watts
Senior Transport Modeller, Transport for Wales

The results

Benefit tile trains

TfW uses PTV Visum models to develop mobility schemes for metro areas across Wales

benefit tile network

Improved decision-making, based on network-wide evidence

Benefit tile ecology

With PTV Visum models, TfW explores ways to reduce transportation emissions

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