Traffic in Bavaria, Germany

  • A public private partnership (PPP) for traffic and travel services in Bavaria, Germany.

    As already the case in Berlin and the Ruhr area, traffic services are now also offered in Bavaria within public private partnerships. A consortium consisting of five partners won the tender and will establish an extensive traffic and travel services system by mid 2008. Together with Siemens, PTV will found an operating company that will be responsible for the operation of the system and all services offered for a period of 10 years.

    Project Details

    • Client: Superior Construction Authority at the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior (German: Oberste Baubehörde im Bayrischen Staatsministerioum des Inneren)

    • Project: VIB – Verkehr in Bayern (English: Traffic in Bavaria)

    • Contractors: PTV Group, Siemens, mdv, micKS, DDG

    • Period: 2005 - 2015 (system establishment by mid-2008); Contract volume, approx. euro 7m (of which 4m are for system establishment)

    • Challenge: Provision of services for citizens and authorities. Traffic reports and forecasts, dynamic and intermodal travel information services, tourism and leisure services. Traffic and infrastructure data management.


    The information services provided by the project can be accessed by the public under The following information services are offered:

    Based on the PTV Mobility platform, current and forecast traffic reports are visualized on a map. Currently the proven PTV e-server technology is deployed. From autumn 2007 on, AJAX maps / x-server technology will be used.

    From address to address, stops, or POIS – whether per train, bus, tram, underground, ship, car, bike, or on foot – you can have your individual travel route planned for every situation.
    Currently the well-established services are continued. From autumn 2007 on, a new user guidance system, standardized maps (PTV AJAX), and completely dynamic routing will be introduced: Current and forecast traffic reports (incidents, traffic volumes) are then considered. 

    Do you want to go cycling in Bavaria? Bavaria’s cycling network provides you with all the cycling routes in Bavaria. Tourist attractions are marked for each route. From autumn 2007 on, you can even have your cycle route calculated.

    Traffic and Transportation Models

    A wide range of PTV methods is deployed to learn about the current traffic volume and how it is likely to develop in the future.

    Using traffic detector data, this method allows us to determine the traffic volume of every single minute on motorways and other roads, as well as the current traffic volume and travel speed. New about VIB is that ASDA/FOTO is now also used for short-term forecasts (up to the next 60 minutes).

    Using this assignment-based model approach, the traffic volume of the entire road network is calculated. This product can be deployed at PTV for the whole of Germany. For Bavaria the method was extended: By means of an “online“ realization, planned changes to the road network (e.g. limitations due to road works) are taken into account on a daily basis and a 2-week’s forecast is considered for calculation.

    By combining the results of all methods according to time and space, the best possible picture of the traffic volume can be realized for the whole of Bavaria.

    Report Management

    Not only detector data, the road network and travel demand, but also reports on incidents, the weather and events are considered for traffic reports and dynamic routing (autumn 2007).

    Map and Infrastructure Maintenance

    Changes made to the road network, detectors, location code lists, POIs, stops, etc. are managed using the INTREST methods. INTREST provides a joint data model and reference system for the VIB systems. INTREST has been optimized for all intermodal map-based VIB services. 

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