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PTV Group at

TRB Annual Meeting 2024

We look forward to meeting you at #TRB2024, so we can support you in achieving your mobility goals.

Date: January 7 - 11, 2024

Location: Washington D.C., United States

Booth No.: 805

PTV Group, as part of Umovity, invites you to discover the technology to master the mobility revolution - for the benefit of all mobility users. We provide you with innovative and integrated technology for real-time data analysis, visualization, modeling and simulation - so you can prepare for any scenario and plan mobility for a better future.

Product Highlights at the PTV Booth

PTV Vissim

Simulate multimodal, microscopic traffic realistically, in detail and vividly.

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PTV Visum

The leading software for multimodal transport planning and macroscopic traffic simulations.

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PTV Vistro

Your all-in-one traffic engineering software for quality simulations. 

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PTV Optima

Turn your city into a smart city with PTV's real-time traffic management software.

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PTV Flows

Empowering Traffic Operators with Predictions & Proactive Traffic Management

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PTV Lines

Service planning for local public transport made easy.

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Meet PTV experts at TRB

Adam Groves

Arnd Vogel

Tiffany Poledor

Mariló Martin-Gasulla, Ph.D.

Bill Cisco

Brandon Button

Campbell Scott

Levi Button

Lorenzo Meschini

Paul Binny

Peter Sukennik

Steve Perone

Daniele Tiddi, Ph.D.

Sean Fitzgerel

PTV Vissim Knowledge Hub

Success story
PTV models supports new under-river tunnel in Bilbao

PTV Visum and PTV Vissim software assess traffic flows to support tunnel project under the Nervión river in Bilbao, Spain.

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Success story
Simulations make Copenhagen world’s best bicycle city

Detailed microsimulation in PTV Vissim helps City of Copenhagen to assess bike-friendly measures.

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PTV Vissim
Virtual testing and traffic simulation in automotive development

Increased vehicle safety, better engine performance, reduced time-to-market. Discover all benefits of traffic simulation.

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PTV Vissim
Knowledge Base

This area offers you a wide range of learning materials, FAQs and training courses for PTV Vissim.

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