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Our products support you in designing and building livable cities:

Multimodal Transport Planning

PTV Visum

PTV Visum is the world's leading transport planning software. It is the standard for macroscopic simulations and macroscopic modelling of transport networks and transport demand, public transport planning, and for the development of transport strategies and solutions. With PTV Visum, you create transportation models that provide insights for long-term strategic planning and short-term operational use. 

PTV Visum Website

Multimodal Traffic Simulation

PTV Vissim

The world's leading multimodal traffic simulation software PTV Vissim digitally reproduces the traffic patterns of all road users. Trusted by traffic planners and engineers around the globe, PTV Vissim evaluates and improves the performance of your traffic facilities. Results establish the basis for your traffic planning decisions and address your road traffic challenges, such as congestion and emissions. 

PTV Vissim Website

Pedestrian simulation

PTV Viswalk

PTV Viswalk, the microscopic pedestrian simulation software, depicts pedestrians and their interaction with each other. The software enables urban and traffic planners, fire safety officers, and managers of railway stations, airports, and event venues to effectively model and solve pedestrian interaction challenges. Among other things, they can use the software to check passage widths, sizes of waiting areas, travel and waiting times, and ensure safety and comfort. 

PTV Viswalk Website

Mobility Data

The basis of all our software solutions are maps, data and algorithms. We gather and refine highly detailed and up-to-date maps and combine them with socioeconomic information, comprehensive historical and live speed data and truck-specific restrictions. High-performing algorithms ensure you get the best modelling and planning results to shape the future of mobility.

PTV Digital Data Suite Website

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