People and goods are constantly in motion Increasing connectivity demands advanced mobility concepts Finding answers to mobility challenges is in our DNA What impact does Mobility as a Service have on your city? How can you manage and operate shared fleets? Will parking spaces turn into public parks?

With 4 decades of experience in traffic, logistics and research, PTV has the right tools to answer your question of today, tomorrow and the future.

Thinking mobility further

How technology, cities and vehicles change the way we move

New forms of mobility are conquering our cities, substantially changing the way we move, live and work. With our worldwide network comprising over 3,000 cities, logistics, transportation and automotive companies, international organisation and research facilities, we are the key link bringing all involved actors together. For a change of mobility that benefits everyone.

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The Lisbon Study

The large scale study that showed the impact of MaaS on cities

The rise of new mobility platforms inspired a large number of questions concerning the role of mobility in the future. How will shared, autonomous vehicle fleets affect cities, the number of cars, rides and parking lots?

Together with OECD’s International Transport Forum (ITF), we aimed to answer these questions by organizing the ‘Lisbon Study’ – a profound investigation into the workings and consequences of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) on society. This provided the foundation for our new mobility solutions.

  • lisbon_study_figure_parking

    football fields of land could be freed up by reduced parking needs.

  • lisbon_study_figure_emissions

    less CO2 emissions could be achieved by using shared mobility.

  • lisbon_study_figure_choice

    of the population chooses mobility over their desire to own a vehicle

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Our Mobility as a Service Accelerator Program

Powerful components to solve your MaaS business case

You need to know the impact of Mobility as a Service for your individual use case? No matter if you are an automotive, a city, a system integrator or a public transport service provider — Every business calls for its own specific solution.

We provide the components that help you to solve your individual MaaS use case, targeted to the specifications of each individual city.

  • PTV MaaS Modeller

    Calculate the relevant KPIs to create an effective business model for your MaaS-Fleet within any given city infrastructure.

  • PTV MaaS Simulator

    Get a detailed visualisation of mobility scenarios within a city, taking into account autonomous vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles or public transport.

  • PTV MaaS Operator

    Operate a multimodel MaaS-fleet in real-time, optimizing the trips and capacity of your vehicles related to the infrastructure and traffic data of the city.

  • PTV MaaS Controller

    Integrate our components to built an overall city operating system including real-time control of connected transport and traffic prediction.

Let's get concrete

Our network of partners

Within 4 decades we have established a network of experts from industry and research to solve mobility challenges of today and tomorrow

Public authorities
Promoting mobility is to manage time and space, allowing people to share and live harmoniously through their journeys.

Sergio Avelleda Secretary of Mobility of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mobility is the most important axis in the cities’ transformation.

Laura Ballesteros

New disruptive mobility technologies such as CAV and MaaS are expected to change lots of things around us and not just the way we travel.

Samya Ghosh Regional Director at AECOM Europe

We as transport planners have an opportunity and responsibility to help shape the future of mobility to come up with a better tomorrow.

Tom van Vuren Divisonal Director at Mott McDonald

Mobility of the future must have, in a first place, safety as the central axis of concern of any transport system.

Roland Zamora Secretary General of the Latin American Association of Metros and Subways (ALAMYS)

Through the digital revolution we are living, we know that access to transport doesn′t require property.

Nicolás Estupiñan Senior Transport Advisor of CAF (Development Bank of LATAM) and former ViceMinister of Transportation of Colombia

At some point, when we move, we are all connected through mobility links and all these links are connected among them.

Sergio Avelleda Secretary of Mobility of Sao Paulo, Brazil

For the customers of the future it will be of great importance to be able to flexibly choose a suitable mobility service.

Dr. Alexander Pischon Geschäftsführer of the Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund KVV

Creating new mobility solutions worldwide

Where new solutions come to life

Developing new mobility solutions is in our DNA. That is why for us, the PTV Mobility Lab is not just a room but a mindset. It is a way of thinking - where new ideas, projects and algorithms come to life, shaping the future of mobility and optimising the way people interact, move and live within smart cities.

No matter if you access the room or the cloud platform: the PTV Mobility Lab enables to experience and connect with mobility solutions of today and tomorrow. Discover how expertise from research, economy and software development are working together on the mobilty of the future – worldwide.

  • Silicon Valley

    Within the world's most important IT and high-tech location we will set up a mobility lab in 2017 to work on innovative solutions for the mobility of the future.

    Location Poi
  • PTV HQ

    The core of the Lab in Karlsruhe is an innovative traffic prediction system to analyse the effects of new mobility approaches like AV for traffic and city infrastructures, based on historical and real-time data.

    Location Poi
  • Saudi Arabia

    The "PTV Traffic Safety Engineering and ITS Innovation Lab" at the Saudi Aramco University of Dammam helps to promote innovative research ideas and to integrate creative transport solutions into cities.

    Location Poi
  • Melbourne

    In our 'living transport lab' we analyze traffic data together with the University of Melbourne, in order to reduce congestion and accidents as well as travel times and emissions.

    Location Poi

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