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May it be in traffic, deliveries or movement of people: Looking one step ahead is the core principle of our solutions and mindset.

A holistic approach

Components connecting cities, vehicles and technology

We at PTV don’t wait until something happens. Our software gives concrete forecasts and calculates exact scenarios and business solutions.

Based on real-time data, precise models and your specific KPIs, our components can tell you today, how your efficient new mobility concept should look like in the future.

Software components that are bridging the gap between technology, cities and vehicles, in order to achieve a balanced ecosystem of shared mobility services within a smart city.

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  • It’s about cities

    Cities are always the first to experience the implications of new mobility trends. They are directly affected by changing behaviours – and have to find a way to adapt their infrastructure and traffic management. PTV Group provides them with tools to realistically simulate and model new developments before they happen.

    About vehicles

    Private cars, trucks, shared or autonomous vehicles, delivery vans, public buses, bikes – they are all competing for their share of the roads. Whoever wins, will determine the traffic of the future. PTV Group’s routing and navigation solutions will guide their way and find the best route for every vehicle.

    And it's about technology

    Digitisation, connectivity and technological break-throughs are substantially changing the way we live, work – and move. These developments will disrupt mobility as we know it and will pose a challenge to cities, car manufacturers and service providers. By relying on PTV’s expertise, unique algorithms and excellent data they can stop worrying and start shaping the future.

    It’s about how technology, cities and vehicles are all connected

    With our worldwide network comprising over 3,000 cities, logistics, transportation and automotive companies, international organisations, and research facilities, we are the key link bringing all involved actors together. For a change of mobility that benefits everyone.

The Mobility as a service Accelerator Program

Powerful components to Solve your MaaS business case

Let's get concrete

Mobility is gradually transforming into information service combined with physical service to bring unprecedented changes.

Gerald Stöckl Head of Business at Upstream - Next Level Mobility GmbH

Due to digitisation and automisation, the mobility of tomorrow will be more connected, shared and flexible.

Anna Mayerthaler Head of Innovation & Science at Neue Urbane Mobilität Wien GmbH

To continue to develop cities for people to live, work, and meet; bespoke solutions combined with mass transportation must be developed.

Vibeke Harlem Director Mobility Services at Ruter AS

By approaching "mobility" in a one-dimensional and non-holistic way, transport providers won′t play a major role in the future.

Daniel Landolf CEO PostAuto Schweiz AG

Being able to truly capture the value of Mobility as a Service requires sophisticated modelling and optimisation.

Prof. Majid Sarvi Chair in Transport Engineering and the Professor in Transport for Smart Cities at the University of Melbourne

We are witnessing a vital change in mobility and the values of the people. The future of mobility will be automised, connected, and shared.

Dr.-Ing. Michael Frey Institut für Fahrzeugsystemtechnik, Karlsruhe Institut of Technology (KIT)

To maintain and improve the quality of life, cities must invest more strongly in sustainable mobility.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Rammler Institut für Transportation Design at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig

A new era of cooperation between governments and technology is transforming public authorities into real key players on mobility issue.

Rossella Panero Managing Director of 5T 5 T (Tecnologie Telematiche Trasporti Traffico Torino)

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