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IT Trans 2024

05/14/2024 - 05/16/2024
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Public transport world meets at IT-TRANS 2024 

Join us when the public transport world meets in Karlsruhe for IT-TRANS 2024, the leading international conference and exhibition specialised in digitalisation and intelligent solutions for public transport. To find out more, visit us at #B3, hall 1 where we highlight our software solutions for public transport planning, operation and optimization, as well as sustainability and demand. 

So, whether you are planning public transit services, building a network for new and connected services, reducing emissions, or protecting commuters in times of pandemic - PTV got you covered.

Product Highlights

PTV Visum

The leading software for multimodal transport planning and macroscopic traffic simulations.

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PTV Lines

The public transport planner with all the scope and none of the complexity.

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PTV Access

Discover the mobility potential of cities. Our accessibility score indicates how easily you can travel to everyday destinations. 

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PTV Vissim

Simulate multimodal, microscopic traffic realistically, in detail and vividly.

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PTV Viswalk

Realistically simulate and display the behavior of pedestrians. 

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PTV Model2Go

Use automation to get a transport model of your city in just one week.

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Hear our experts speak at IT-TRANS 2024

Empowering public transport planners with new-generation software tool - Farnaz Tepper | May 15, 2024, 9:30pm | Conference Room K4/5

Today's public transport service planners are facing ever greater challenges: Complex networks, a comprehensive range of public transport services and countless long-term and short-term changes have to be integrated into a functioning network. Of course, modern software not only makes strategic but also operational planning easier. 

How transportation modelling helps to save hard cash: Real life field references - Ralf Frisch 

  1. May 14, 2024, 15:30pm | dm-arena, Y3 (Karlsruhe Mobility Lab)
  2. May 15, 2024, 16:00pm | Market Update Forum A

How can software help to orchestrate the movement of pedestrians when there is a need to establish a Rail replacement service? Come and see for yourself how Deutsche Bahn handled such a case with a massive simulation of Frankfurt Main station.

Streamlining Public Transport Planning: Leveraging PTV Visum and PTV Lines in Transportation Agencies - The AMINA Case Study - Andreas Köglmaier, Miriam von der Heyde | May 15, 2024, 11:00am | Market Update Forum (Karlsruhe Mobility Lab)

Learn how to plan public transport holistically and how to improve it across regional boundaries.

Field Trip

Transport modeling for public transport - technology, workflow, use cases

Public transport services are complex systems, where passengers expect a high-quality service, operators need to provide economically viable services, and authorities require accessibility and sustainable modal split. To achieve these multiple interests, public transport planers rely on digital modeling tools that enable them to quickly develop different scenarios and test them.

As an expert in the field of public transport, you are probably aware of PTV Group’s software for public transport planning: The more familiar PTV Visum, and the recently launched PTV Lines. Within the framework of the fair, you have the chance to join a session, that briefly introduces you to the market-leading software tools and learn how to develop efficient and sustainable transport solutions whose effects can be directly measured.

  • Date: May, 16, 2024
  • Time: 15:00 - 17:00
  • Venue: PTV HQ (Haid-und-Neu-Str. 15, 76131 KA, tram station: Hauptfriedhof)
  • Registration: please use the official event platform talque

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Knowledge base Public Transport

Application Area
A guide to public pransport planning

Here is a short guide to good public transport planning, and to the technologies that support professionals as they work to achieve it.

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Application Area
Public Transport Operations management

One of the best ways for public transport providers to improve and speed up their operations management is to rely on quality real-time data.

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Application Area
Decarbonization in public transport

Short guide on how public transport operators and planners can use software to speed up decarbonization – and make it cost-effective.  

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Application Area
Public transport ridership: Adopting service to demand

To better adapt to changes in demand and ridership, many public transport operators become mobility providers.

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Success story
Integrating on-demand services into public transport network

Zurich's public transport operator utilizes PTV Visum to assess the impact of integrating new on-demand services into the public transport network.

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Success story
Creating a public transport system from scratch

Abu Dhabi launches world-class public transport system based on a bus planning model created in PTV Visum.

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White Paper
Public Transport Playbook

What can you do to inspire people to use public transport? Read more in our white paper.

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Ultimate Guide to The Best Public Transport Service

Tired of crowded buses and late trains? Don't dismiss public transport just yet! It's more than a ride from A to B. It's the backbone of an inclusive, sustainable society. But public transport usage is down. Let's change that together. Get your free "Ultimate Guide to the Best Public Transport Service" now!

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Public Transport Trends Report 2022

Insights and ideas from over 700 industry professionals. Download our free white paper.

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