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The #MobilityisaHumanRide campaign aims to draw attention to the issue of mobility as a fundamental right.

#MobilityisaHumanRide: PTV campaign to raise awareness for the importance of human-centered mobility

  • The aim is to draw attention to the issue of mobility as a fundamental right
  • Part of the campaign is a donation to the World Resources Institute, supporting a mobility project
  • Campaign was part of industry event in Berlin

Karlsruhe, 7 September 2023. While many people take their ability to move around freely for granted, there are millions around the globe who are denied this fundamental right. To bring attention to the significance of human-centered mobility in ensuring access to society and public life, PTV Group – part of Umovity - launched the campaign #MobilityisaHumanRide earlier this year. This impactful initiative was now part of the public transport event Zukunft Nahverkehr in Berlin.

Mobility is a prerequisite for social participation. Those without access to transportation face exclusion from society, with limited opportunities and possibilities in life. With the campaign and theme that claims mobility as a human ride, PTV wants to underline the importance of planning and creating accessible mobility solutions based on the diverse needs of humans. Public transport and sustainable, inclusive modes of transportation play a pivotal role in this aspect. 

Therefore, the campaign and theme were also picked up by Deutsche Bahn within the industry event Zukunft Nahverkehr which is currently running in Berlin. The slogan was inspired by Viva con Aqua, an organization that promotes access to clean drinking water by claiming that “Water is a Human Right”. Like water, mobility is a basic need that should be fulfilled for everyone. Michael Fritz, co-founder of the charity organization also supported #MobilityisaHumanRide with his post on LinkedIn.

Christian U. Haas, CEO of PTV Group and Econolite unified under the brand Umovity, said: “Access to mobility means access to society – to education, to jobs, to leisure. With the #MobilityisaHumanRide campaign, we want to increase the global awareness of this fundamental right and the imperative of sustainable mobility accessible to all. As with our technology, we want this message to have a clear impact on creating better mobility. We extend a warm invitation to people from every corner of the world and diverse backgrounds to join us in this endeavor.”

PTV will donate to WRI
PTV invites everyone to participate in spreading the message by sharing a photo of themselves holding a cardboard sign bearing the slogan "Mobility is a Human Ride," along with a statement on the personal need for and importance of mobility.

To underline their commitment, PTV Group will donate 1 Euro for every corresponding LinkedIn post to the World Resources Institute (WRI) to realize a mobility project. WRI works globally and in focus countries to meet people’s essential needs, to protect and restore nature, and build more resilient communities. To ensure the contribution counts, the hashtag #MobilityisaHumanRide and tag @PTV Group should be included in the post.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a movement that underlines the right to mobility for all. Join us in spreading the message #MobilityisaHumanRide. More information as well as a collection of posts can be found online

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Stefanie Schmidt
PTV. Empowering Mobility as part of Umovity.

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Mobility is a Human Ride

Mit der #MobilityisaHumanRide Kampagne will die PTV Group Aufmerksamkeit darauf lenken, dass Mobilität ein Grundrecht ist.

#MobilityisaHumanRide Christian U. Haas

Christian U. Haas, CEO der PTV Group, beteiligt sich an #MobilityisaHumanRide.