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Econolite's EOS Traffic Signal Controller Software Now Available in PTV Vissim

Powerful Integration: Econolite's EOS Traffic Signal Controller Software Now Available in PTV Vissim

  • Another significant Umovity milestone
  • Powerful ring-barrier controller firmware embedded in leading microsimulation software
  • Advanced functionality in the simulation to optimize and verify traffic signal programming

Karlsruhe, 4 June 2024. As part of Umovity, PTV Group and Econolite announce a powerful new integration: Econolite’s next generation Advanced Traffic Controller (ATC) software, EOS, is now embedded in the leading traffic simulation software PTV Vissim. With the integration of one of the industry's most potent ring-barrier controllers, users can now evaluate and optimize intersection performance with increased accuracy and advanced functionality, enabling them to make data-based decisions for a smoother and safer traffic flow.

PTV Vissim microsimulation software generates a digital replica of a transport network in all its details and with all road users. To ensure a highly realistic representation of the traffic situation at intersections, Vissim incorporates diverse stage-based and ring-barrier controller software for traffic signal control. This enables planners to analyze traffic signal operations with unmatched precision and test different scenarios to acquire valuable information about the effects of planned measures on the overall traffic flow and verify timing improvements. For example, it could help planners determine the optimal compromise between increased green-time for transit vehicles to speed up public transport and the flow of regular vehicular traffic.

PTV Vissim now seamlessly integrates EOS, one of the most powerful ATC software solutions in the U.S. EOS bundles a smart and dynamic coordinator that can adjust signal timing “on-the-fly”, powerful in-built safety features that are easy to use, best-in-class support for Signal Control Priority (SCP), and advanced data streaming capabilities. EOS also provides the operational benefits of adaptive split optimization without the need for a separate central system. These features can now be precisely mapped and verified in PTV Vissim, allowing users to evaluate and optimize the performance of the transportation infrastructure virtually before applying changes in the field. 

“Integrating Econolite’s EOS, one of the most advanced traffic controller software solutions available, with PTV Vissim is another significant milestone for Umovity," said Christian U. Haas, CEO of Umovity. “This controller provides traffic engineers the ability to create very advanced signal operations logic to ensure the highest traffic operations performance even in complex settings. And through test and evaluation in Vissim, you can easily gain transparency and quantify the impact of different possible strategies for all road users to find the optimum solution. This is a benefit for all PTV Vissim and all EOS users and everybody who drives, rides or walks in locations where the signal programs are rolled out.”

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Stefanie Schmidt
PTV. Empowering Mobility as part of Umovity.

PTV Group is a leading global software company for traffic planning, simulation, and real-time management. With more than 40 years of experience in the field of mobility, the Germany-based company provides software products based on proprietary algorithms ranging from microscopic and macroscopic modeling and simulation of traffic to real-time traffic management, benefiting more than 2,500 cities and municipalities. Bridgepoint acquired a majority stake in the company in January 2022 in order to further accelerate its growth together with shareholder Porsche Automobil Holding SE. Since 2023 PTV Group and Econolite are united under the brand Umovity.


Umovity (PTV Group  & Econolite). Mobility for Humanity.

Umovity is a global market leader for end-to-end traffic management and transportation technology that takes a holistic approach to provide safer, smarter, and more sustainable Mobility for Humanity. Uniting the best-in-class solutions for intelligent traffic management systems, cloud-based adaptive traffic control, real-time traffic management software, controllers, cabinets, and sensor products by Econolite, and simulation and predictive modeling software by PTV, Umovity enables innovators and decision-makers in politics, municipalities, and industry to shape smart and livable communities, multimodal mobility, as well as Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV). For more information, visit

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Econolite’s next generation ATC software, EOS, is now embedded in the leading traffic simulation software PTV Vissim.