• The world’s leading multimodal simulation software

    PTV Vissim empowers cities, traffic engineers and automotive OEMs in the decision-making process for creating an accessible, safe, sustainable and balanced mobility ecosystem through improving and solving traffic issues, such as congestion and emissions in cities.

  • Why Simulation?

    Simply put, PTV Vissim allows you to simulate movement. Our traffic flow simulation enables you to mimic real road traffic in your city. Test different ideas under the same circumstances to get valuable information to base important decisions about the mobility ecosystem. PTV Vissim can be used to simulate road traffic to the finest detail, whether in cities or freeways around the world and devise efficient traffic management strategies to help solve traffic issues.

  • Accurately represent local traffic conditions

    In PTV Vissim, models can be built on ‘assumed’ or ‘forecast’ data if no real-world data is available. To get accurate results, vehicle movements can also be calibrated in the simulation, so that the driving behaviour reflects the local traffic conditions.

  • Highest level of detail

    PTV Vissim provides you with traffic flow simulation at different resolutions, all within one software. At the microscopic level, the traffic simulation software offers the highest level of detail as vehicles and pedestrians can be individually simulated. Compared to microscopic models, mesoscopic models have a lower level of detail. This reduction in depth of detail significantly decreases the effort involved in modelling and simulation duration, making it more efficient to work with. When needed, our traffic flow simulation software also offers the combination of both microsimulation and mesoscopic simulation in a hybrid simulation. PTV Vissim enables total control and flexibility so you can easily select the level of detail for a specific application, without making any compromises.

  • Avoid costly mistakes

    Experimenting in the real world is also expensive as it carries a range of potential costs. You can avoid these costs by thoroughly experimenting in a traffic flow simulation environment ahead of implementation. With PTV Vissim, you can test different junction designs and traffic signal optimisation to see which works best.

    From simple junctions to signal-controlled nodes and roundabouts with public transport priority and pedestrian interaction or 'magic roundabouts’, it is possible to model and study any node geometry and any type of priority and signalling with our traffic simulation software.

  • Improve stakeholders communication

    Demonstrate the benefits of your ideas with data visualisation in PTV Vissim. You can easily convince your stakeholders with a realistic, comprehensive representation of the simulation in 3D, rather than just displaying the results. Graphically illustrate traffic hotspots in the network and present individual vehicle characteristics as well as inbuilt charts to present results of your simulation analysis simply and clearly. This can all be done in PTV Vissim at the press of a button.