Only the background map for the map service 'Bing Maps (aerophoto)' is not shown anymore, other map services are still working.
Its license in
Help -> License -> Bing Maps (until ...)
is listed as expired and thus disabled.

PTV Group maintains a contract with Microsoft to use Bing Maps as a live background map in PTV Vissim, PTV Vistro, PTV Visum, and PTV Viswalk, from which customers with an active maintenance contract benefit.
If this applies to you, and your license is disabled, please contact ordermanagement@ptvgroup.com together with a screenshot of this dialog.

- Bing Maps is not included in the license and product variants Demo, Viewer, Student (Uni) and Thesis.
- If none of the background maps can be displayed, refer to:

- If you like to renew your maintenance contract, contact traffic.sales@ptvgroup.com or your local distributor.

- If your maintenance contract was already renewed, activate the latest license activation ticket you received by e-mail from PTV through http://activate.trafficsoftware.ptvgroup.com/index.php

Contact your license administrator in case you are not responsible for managing the licenses.