How can I model an incident where one or more lanes are blocked?

The recommended option is included in the standard Vissim installation at '..\Examples\Training\SpecialModeling\Incident'. The following technique is used:

1.Create a mini connector (ca. 1m long) inside the same link connecting all lanes that are still available during the incident.

2.Create a partial routing decision that includes the newly created connector and define it for the time period where the incident should occur.

3.In addition, if you want to model the incident vehicle, create a parking lot on the blocked lane.

4.Make sure that the routing decision for the parking lot is only active as long as needed to let one vehicle park.

5.Assign a dwell time to the parking lot that matches with the time period of the partial route.

This method reflects the most fluent lane changing behavior.
Please note that this modeling technique is not possible in combination with Dynamic Assignment.