Do you have tutorials or learning resources on creating actuated signal control logic in VisVAP?

As a first step, you should watch the webinar 'Creating a simple actuated signal control logic with VisVAP' (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKvNQA9jXhI/), which discusses the process of setting up a VAP controller in PTV Vissim using VisVAP.

In PTV Vissim, click Help > Examples > Open Training Directory and refer to the VAP examples within the folder 'Signal Control'.

Please refer to the documentation located here in the folder 'Doc' in the installation directory of PTV Vissim. There you will find VisVAP 216 ENG.pdf and VAP_216_e.pdf, which should provide you with enough guidance on getting you started with VisVAP.