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What does PTV Visum have to offer?

    • Traffic data in one place

      As a transport planner, you will have all the traffic information in one software that gives you a holistic overview of the traffic situation status quo. PTV Visum can also be used for forecasts and to measure effects of development planning.

    • Equipped with traditional and advanced demand model

      PTV Visum offers all the functionalities you would expect from a traffic planning software such as the traditional four-step travel demand model. Aside from the standard method, the software also offers unique advanced methods such as the tour-based demand model without having to use a separate traffic planning software.

    • Flexible and extensible

      We understand that models and software need to be shared among planners and extended parties, so it is important for us to impose standards. PTV Visum supports this standardisation by being GIS-based and having a built-in data model. The traffic planning software can also be extended through scripting and user-defined data layers and attributes.

    • Next-level traffic planning

      No task is too small or too large for PTV Visum. It plans everything from highway operations to public transport involving many stages and phases, providing all the information you need in one traffic planning software.

    • Creating solid plans that work

      With PTV Visum, it is possible to assess different strategies and multiple “what-if” scenarios for different modes of transport such as private, public, shared and even autonomous. The traffic planning software supports your decisions and plans according to your targets while delivering reliable results and at the same time, minimising your stakeholders’ investment risks.

    • Multi-layer simulation

      Streamline your approach with a fully integrated simulation with multi-resolution modelling. PTV Visum is the complete tool for macroscopic simulation, and PTV Vissim is the complete tool for microscopic. Mesoscopic is available in both software with the same methodology which acts as a bridge between the layers.

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  • The combination of microscopic and mesoscopic modelling in PTV Vissim and PTV Visum is beneficial for our work.

    Milan Zlatkovic Assistant Professor

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  • My team and I used PTV Visum to reduce the number of people being killed or injured on the road.

    Dr. Neil Thorpe Lecturer in Transport Studies

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