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  • What is a pedestrian simulation?

    Pedestrian simulation is an accurate representation of the human walking behaviour and dynamics in a virtual environment. Every single scenario can be replicated to the finest detail; from the interaction of pedestrians in crowds, in different infrastructures, and even between pedestrians and all modes of transport. PTV Viswalk is a robust pedestrian simulation software with rich features such as simulating in 3D environments, planning capacities and easily integrates with the powerful Vision Traffic Software Suite.

  • Why simulation?

    In a simulation world, you can test an unlimited number of planned measures to determine which one provides the most efficient result. With PTV Viswalk’s advanced analysis and visualisation tool, it is the ideal crowd and pedestrian simulation software used by transportation planners and consultants, architects and operators of large buildings and large public spaces, event managers, and fire protection engineers.

    • Crowd Capacity Assessment

      The capacity of a venue or space depends on the available space for people. PTV Viswalk helps you finding out if existing structures and features pose a hazard and make sure they can withstand the additional number of people.

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    • Crowd Simulation

      As a microscopic software for pedestrian and crowd simulation, PTV Viswalk is particularly well-suited for urban and construction planning, pedestrian safety planning, evacuation measures and numerous other applications aimed at ensuring a smooth flow of pedestrians.

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How does PTV Viswalk work?

  • Walking always was and remains the most prevalent mode of transport. But unlike vehicles, pedestrians do not follow strict rules. They spontaneously stop, change directions or make sudden turns. Here at PTV, we have accepted the challenge and have developed a solution that takes into account the psychology of human walking behaviour for any location or situation.

  • Based on the Social Force Model developed by Prof. Helbing, we have enhanced it with additional functionality in PTV Viswalk to model:

    • Movement through multi-storey buildings
    • Crossing streets (with or without regulation)
    • Boarding & alighting from trains
    • Queuing in elaborate systems
    • Bi-directional movement through narrow corridors
  • What our customers are saying

  • Using PTV Viswalk, I found a way to reduce waiting times for pedestrians at traffic signals.

    Vignesh Pandian Research assistant

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PTV Viswalk is the ideal simulation tool for all those who take the needs of pedestrians into account

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