• PTV Viswalk leaves all the unpleasant surprises in the virtual world...

    ...and lets you deliver the best quality in the real world. Organising pedestrian flow in any situation or location can be tough. There are too many factors that can impact the crowd flow, but with PTV Viswalk, you can run multiple scenarios and choose the best solution before real-world implementation. With our pedestrian and crowd simulation software, you can:

    • Decrease costs: avoid unnecessary costs that might occur during operations by optimising the pedestrian and crowd flows during the design phase
    • Predict & anticipate: the simulation enables you to predict the crowd flows and expect any significant flaws
    • Answer “What If” questions: With PTV Viswalk, you have all the answers you need with its accurate representation of crowd and pedestrian behaviour
    • Present & convince: Effectively communicate with all stakeholders in the decision-making process
    • Operate efficiently: Optimise and increase operational efficiency within the given environment and with available resources