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Year-end Anniversary Offer

PTV Vissim is turning 30

  • Subscribe to a PTV Vissim license (for a minimum subscription term of 12 months).
  • We round it up: Get 30% or more of your duration on top for free.
  • The offer is valid till December, 22nd, 2023.

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The fine print

  • This promotion is limited to PTV Vissim only.
  • Newly purchased licenses or renewals of running periods of existing licenses are included.
  • Here's an example: Get 16 months of license duration at the price of 12, if you subscribe to a 12 months limited PTV Vissim license.
  • This offer is not valid for enlarging or adjusting existing licenses or for the purchase of additional modules.

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Customers who are satisfied with PTV Vissim

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Why you should consider PTV Vissim

Years of proven success

Decades of research and continuous development with customers

benefit tile Buses
Simulate multimodal traffic

A single software that fully integrates all modes of transport

Flexible and seamless integration

APIs and interfaces to external software providers

Icon World
Sophisticated motion model

PTV Vissim considers regional and cultural differences

Benfit icon
Improved traffic flow

Reduce congestion and emissions with efficient traffic planning

Benefit tile project comparison
Convincing data visualization

Realistic simulation and comprehensive 3D visualizations

Use Cases

Parking Spaces

Simulate parking spaces and parking behavior by using the car park creator. Vehicles can be parked forward or nose-out, or in any combination of both.

Airport Terminal Simulation

Multi-modal traffic microsimulation of the landside traffic at a major airport including in-Terminal simulation up to airport security check. 

Morning Peak

Simulate the morning or evening peak at a certain intersection.

Evacuation Simulation

Calculate the Required Safe Egress Time (RSET) to find out whether a building can be evacuated safely and in time. The example above shows a comparison for 1,000 pedestrians leaving a room of ~500 sqm through either 2 or through 4 doors.

Behavior at Tram or Train Station

Whilst pedestrians usually would stop at a red light and wait for it to become green, this PTV Vissim simulation shows what happens, when a tram approaches a station and a pedestrian urgently needs to catch it. 

Escalators, Stairs and Elevators

The PTV Viswalk module offers extensive options to use and configure escalators: set the share or classes of pedestrians who are walking, configure the side where to stand.