• Reduce vehicle delays and emissions with adaptive signal control

    Cities around the world face an ever-growing number of traffic congestion together with severe economic and environmental impacts. To ensure optimum use of road network capacities and keep emissions and vehicle delays at a minimum, it is essential to improve traffic flow in inner cities. Traffic-adaptive signal control PTV Epics and PTV Balance are innovative and cost-efficient software solutions that continually optimise the switching of traffic lights at single intersections and across entire networks. They react to the live conditions on the roads and manage capacity efficiently with the most appropriate signal timing, reduce planning costs, contribute to road safety and take all modes of transport into account.

  • Optimise traffic lights locally at individual nodes

    PTV Epics reduces planning efforts and minimises delays for all road users. Every second, the adaptive signal control prognoses the traffic situation for the next 100 seconds based on the detector value, current queue lengths, cyclic flow profiles and public transport prioritisation. At individual intersections, the software gives control about signal timing priorities regarding different modes – private traffic, public transport and pedestrians – in the hands of the planner.

    What’s more: The traffic-adaptive signal control PTV Epics is ready for the future of mobility and the next level of traffic management: The adaptive signal control provides vital information for V2X-enabled traffic lights, taking V2X-equipped vehicles as data sources, and gives pre-emption to emergency vehicles via V2X-messages.

  • Coordinate traffic lights network-wide with adaptive signal control

    With PTV Balance you benefit from a macroscopic traffic model that estimates flows in accordance with detector data, a control model and a mesoscopic traffic flow model to calculate the effects of a specific signal plan, and most importantly different optimisation algorithms. PTV Balance measures current traffic conditions to then adjust and optimise green time splits, offsets and cycles for entire networks every five minutes – preventing spillbacks and long queues. Adaptive signal control PTV Balance safely and efficiently directs traffic across networks.

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