Vision Traffic Add-in Marketplace

  • The PTV Vision Traffic Suite is continually being developed – and not just by us! Users and partners also move our software forward with add-ins which they program according to practical requirements.

    Find out about our useful Vision Traffic add-ins in the Add-ins Marketplace for our products. Our platform provides you with all the relevant information and a link to the providers. If you would like to purchase one of the add-ins, please follow the link and conclude the transaction directly with the add-in provider.

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
    Support From raw input files to PTV Visum OD and travel time matrices. This add-on processes plate number survey data for you.

    Map Formers finds a Geographic Projection for your model. By matching the points from the google maps it projects your network coordinates into WGS84.

    Optimal Count Locator (OCL)
    Optimal Count Locator employs acknowledged optimization technique to specify set of optimal counting locations covering as much flow and as many OD pairs as possible. OCL finds links and nodes which should be measured for best efficiency.

    TRE - Traffic Realtime Equilibrium
    TRE (Traffic Realtime Equilibrium) is a dynamic assignment tool representing dynamism of traffic phenomena. The advanced macroscopic traffic flow model and the detailed junction model inside TRE point straight to the phenomena that is desired.