Autonomous Driving

Progressive digitisation and automation are drivers for innovative solutions in the field of transport and logistics. They help strengthen safety, efficiency, and environmentally friendly processes in a sustainable manner.

  • Autonomous vehicles that move independently and purposefully without intervention of the driver in real traffic are an example of ongoing automation in this field. They will increase fuel efficiency, improve road safety, reduce traffic congestion and, consequently reduce CO2 emissions. This is why autonomous vehicles substantially contribute to ensuring sustainable mobility. Applications such as Truck Platooning and dynamic loading platform control are examples of an increasing number of automation processes in logistics.

    Politicians, researchers, and entrepreneurs are currently working on a variety of legal, technical, and economic issues in order to create an appropriate framework required for testing and introducing automated systems.

    In transport and logistics, we already supply a wide range of solutions that allow urban and transport planners, fleet and platform operators, as well as end users to cope with these new challenges. We develop tailor-made concepts and help our clients enhance their products and create new services.

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    • Our fields of activity:

        • Analysis and forecast regarding future mobility, and emissions savings
        • Automated driving feature tests and analysis of mixed transport
        • Model calculations of case studies for the use of automated vehicles
        • Planning and control of future vehicle fleets in freight transport