• Orchestrate traffic lights across multiple nodes and at single intersections

    PTV Epics and PTV Balance are the perfect match for PTV Optima. The software tools specifically increase their respective potential to improve your city’s traffic flow. For private traffic or to prioritise public transport, with PTV Epics you optimise green waves at single intersections to reduce waiting and travel times, emissions and noise in your network. Or use the model-based traffic-adaptive network control for your entire network with PTV Balance. If deployed in conjunction with PTV Optima, it is even a detector fault tolerant.

  • Model based local traffic signal control with PTV Epics

    PTV Epics is your perfect traffic-adaptive control instrument to avoid stop-and-go and keep inner-city traffic moving. Specially developed for single nodes, PTV Epics analyses traffic conditions locally and determines the best control option based on the situation at hand. The model-based control system decides in seconds whether a phase should be omitted, shortened or lengthened, or if traffic operators should change the phase sequence. PTV Epics also allows the prioritisation of public transport and runs directly in the control unit.

  • Professional signal control for your entire network with PTV Balance

    Orchestrate traffic lights across multiple nodes with PTV Balance and coordinate up to 50 intersections at the same time enabling green waves and specifically reducing the number of stops. The model-based network control tool continually optimises the signal programs every five minutes in response to current traffic flows. At the heart of PTV Balance lies a real-time transport model that, at the macroscopic level, uses detector data to derive the traffic density on individual routes and side roads. An integrated mesoscopic model then evaluates the different signal control options and transmits the optimal framework signal plan to the local control devices.