• Facilitated connectivity and seamless integration

    Select a software solution that fits into your existing IT infrastructure. For a successful integration of PTV Optima and its different components into your system’s architecture, our real-time traffic management software is designed to connect to many subsystems and functions. It supports all standard formats for information exchange, DATEX II, OCIT-C, GTFS, and its API is RESTful.

    PTV Optima’s engine for offline calibration and model validation contributes to an efficient setup process. The system integration is further facilitated, as it is no longer necessary to aggregate by road direction. Instead, the traffic data can be sent directly from the lanes and PTV Optima takes over the aggregation from there.

  • Everything at one glance with the graphical user interface Traffic Supervisor

    To meet your project’s specifications, you can either integrate PTV Optima using a separate user interface, or rely on our web based graphical user interface (GUI), Traffic Supervisor. It is structured intuitively, easily configurable and displays all network data in a comprehensive way. Traffic Supervisor offers:

    • Multiple components for multiple browser windows
    • Different views using multiple instances of the same component linked together
    • Dynamically updated TRE (traffic real-time equilibrium) status
    • Dynamic list view of map layer elements
    • Contextual search into the entire system
    • Show features from multiple active layers as response to user click
    • Link any number of components together
    • Dynamic active layer legends available in a separate view
    • Reactive synchronisation for all components when system events occur