• Compare alternative traffic management scenarios and quickly respond to incidents

    Traffic signals, hard shoulder running, variable message signs on roadways and traffic information broadcasts via radio and the Internet are typical tools for resolving congestion. To apply these optimally in the field, they need to be tested in a virtual environment. With PTV Optima traffic management centres are never unprepared, no matter what the nature of the incident – planned and recurring changes in your road network or unforeseen events.

    PTV Optima allows operators to simulate and evaluate different mitigation strategies in a virtual environment, for example in PTV Visum, before they take the right strategic action. To steer traffic away from incidents across the entire network, the model runs various simulations in parallel, for example, different signal timing options to predict which is the most effective and to estimate the impact of different route diversion measures.

  • Assess and test different traffic scenarios before their implementation in the field

    In the case of an accident, PTV Optima sees the built up of traffic and immediately predicts not only the likely effects, but simultaneously runs possible scenarios to mitigate against them. The traffic management software calculates the outcomes of the different traffic scenarios and compares their effectiveness quickly and objectively. Testing various scenarios via simulation only takes a few moments and the results provide the basis for a reliable decision – no matter how stressful things get in the traffic management centre. PTV Optima leaves traffic operators well prepared to initiative the most effective action for precisely their network.

  • Choose the best traffic management strategy based on your customised performance indicators

    In traffic management there is no one-size-fits-all solution to mitigate congestion. Every city has different traffic management objectives. To compare complex alternative strategies based on your unique success factors, you can customise the measures depending on your city’s policy plan. PTV Optima then evaluates and compares the traffic scenario simulations accordingly. Be it minimising travel times or travel distances to avoid detours, reducing vehicle speeds or cutting emissions, PTV Optima helps you reach your city’s mobility goals.