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How can I add additional stop points to a lineroute?

There are at least two solutions for this:
A) If the line route is already running over the node (or the path) that should now become the route point with its new stop point, you can simply add it as route point:
Activate network object line -> 'all' or 'all stop points' -> select line with new stop point -> set check in the column 'IsRoutePoint'.
B) If the route needs to be changed to add the new stop point, you have to change the route graphically by catching the route (or multiple routes at the same time) with the left mouse button on particular route points and drag it:
1) Add a new stop point on the node or line.
2) Check whether the necessary transport systems are allowed.
3) Overview -> Lines -> Select 'line routes' in the dialog.
4) Click neighboring line:
All traversed line routes are selected. You can now deselect individual routes by clicking and simultaneously holding the <Ctrl> key.
5) Right click -> Digitize.
6) Click a neighboring stop point (or route point used as a node) to fix it.
7) Click the neighboring route again, hold the left mouse button and drag the line route 'to the stop point'.
8) Close the dialog 'Digitize the line route' with OK.