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Mobility Tech Update

Master the Mobility Revolution: Next-Gen Software and Hardware for Exceptional Results in a Changing Mobility World.

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We are convinced that technology is key to transform transportation. But it is you - the transportation planners, modelers and decision makers that truly make the change. You unlock the potential of sustainability, efficiency, accessibility, equity, and safety. Your expertise and dedication to move forward come across so clearly in the projects you do; projects that enrich the lives of millions of people around the world.

With this year's Mobility Tech Update we present PTV’s and Econolite’s latest developments for the first time jointly united under the brand Umovity. With this newly formed union, we are the true One-Stop-Shop provider of end-to-end technology and services, providing you with the right software and hardware that is needed to optimize mobility anywhere in the world. We help you to cover everything from strategic Mobility Planning and Traffic Management & Prediction to onsite Traffic Operations & Optimization.

With our current and upcoming developments, we are committed to empowering you with the tools, services, and inspiration to innovate, collaborate, and move forward in changing mobility for the better. Let’s dive into the details!

Unleash the Future: PTV Mobility Software 2024's Game-Changing Features Revealed!

PTV Visum

The multimodal transportation planning software that allows you a super-easy integration of new data in your model & a smooth start to move to ABM

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PTV Vissim

At the 30th birthday of Vissim, lightning-fast calculations, improved vehicle behavior, new 3D models & upgraded signal controllers and usability make this version the best microscopic traffic simulation ever.

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PTV Viswalk

Pedestrian simulation at its best: Optimized pedestrian simulation, 2D labels for pedestrians and directional indicators at pedestrian routes.

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PTV Vistro

The traffic engineering tool provides seamless integration with Centracs, empowering you to study emissions & benefits of electric vehicles and optimize your intersection analysis.

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PTV Optima

Real-time traffic management software, that provides new integration options, the monitoring of pollution levels and delivers accurate traffic flow dynamics.

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Navigate Tomorrow: Uncover the Latest in Mobility Cloud-Based Applications!

PTV Lines

The public transport planner with all the scope and none of the complexity.

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PTV Flows

Empowering Traffic Operators with Predictions & Proactive Traffic Management



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PTV Visum Publisher

Use attractive visualizations to share your mobility story with decision-makers and the public.

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PTV Access

Discover the mobility potential of cities. Our accessibility score indicates how easily you can travel to everyday destinations. 

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PTV Model2Go

Use automation to get a transport model of your city in just one week.

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Elevate Your Mobility Experience with Econolite's One-Stop-Shop for Software and Hardware Solutions!

Traffic Control Cabinets

Econolite’s traffic control cabinets are designed and built to future proof the intersection. With the industry’s widest variety of cabinet options, and quickest delivery times, agencies can choose from our Blue Series line of ready-to-ship cabinets, to our ATCC, NEMA, 33x, and hybrid styles. Additionally, we offer a full line of cabinet accessories, from ZincBlue2  Battery Back-up Systems (BBS) and electronic locks, to artful cabinet wraps for City beautification programs.

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Advanced Traffic Controllers

Econolite’s advanced traffic controllers are critical for the overall safety of intersections and to support Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) programs. We offer the ATC 2070 Series as well as the Cobalt® line of advanced traffic controllers. Cobalt, powered by the revolutionary EOS controller software, is the latest in a long history of agency-preferred traffic controllers, known for their focus on safety, efficiency, responsiveness, and ease of use.

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Video & Radar Sensors

Econolite provides best-in-class, cross-spectrum sensor solutions for vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian detection. We know that every agency’s detection objectives are unique and can often be challenging. We offers sensor solutions that address each agency’s specific application need. From Autoscope® Vision video detection to EVO RADARTM sensor systems, each technology is designed and developed with simplicity in mind for easy set-up and ease of use.

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Systems Software

Since 2009, Econolite’s Centracs® has led the industry in providing advanced transportation management solutions for over 340 customers across North America, controlling over 57,000 signalized intersections. Centracs has evolved along with the industry, keeping pace with both day-to-day operational demands and the emerging connected vehicle environment to ensure the highest levels of safety, system reliability, and optimized mobility. Centracs® Mobility is our collective solution for transportation systems needs and is comprised of our on-premise solution (Centracs) and our cloud-based solution (Mobility). Centracs® Mobility affords agencies incredible flexibility in deployment while delivering the most functionality in the industry.

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Traffic Controller Software

Econolite’s EOS is the next-generation traffic controller software developed for the Econolite Cobalt and other properly configured ATC controllers. EOS provides improved core traffic controller operation, enhanced features, and improved usability, helping prepare transportation agencies, cities, MPOs, and others for support of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) and Smart City applications.

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Field Services

Econolite’s Field Services Team provides complete preventative and emergency maintenance and Construction and installation services. We are a licensed and bonded Electrical Contractor and the premier provider of ongoing traffic signal and ITS maintenance and repair services. Our experienced Field Services team of licensed Electricians and IMSA-certified Technicians are expertly trained and have been providing superior service to customers since 2002.

Our trusted Field Services team makes sure the job is done right to safeguard the public, ensure traffic signal and ITS systems operate efficiently, and keep traffic moving smoothly. Our team believes in the value of preventative maintenance, quick response, and 24-hour-a-day on-call availability.

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PTV User Group Meeting World Tour

Get ready for an incredible event led by customers, partners, and the PTV Group team from your local region. Benefit from first-hand insights into the latest product development & mobility projects delivered by our user community.

Community Event
PTV Mobility Anwenderseminar 2024
06/11/2024 - 06/12/2024
All day

Hyatt Regency im Medienhafen
Speditionstraße 19
40221 Düsseldorf

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Become Part of the Community

PTV Visum Forum on LinkedIn

Get in touch with modelling experts, discuss challenges and solutions, and become part of the Visum community.

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PTV Vissim Forum on LinkedIn

Get in touch with simulation experts, discuss challenges and solutions, and become part of the Vissim community.

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PTV Vistro Forum on LinkedIn

Get in touch with traffic engineering experts, discuss challenges and solutions, and become part of the Vistro community.

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