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Jump in and explore interactive dashboards created with Visum Publisher and our public link feature. Tour use cases, feature highlights, and community contributions. Use the sharing links to post the dashboard on your social media channel or email. Have an example to share? Contact us and your example may be included in our gallery as a community contribution!

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Berlin’s workplace accessibly and U-Bahn supply

Tour the morning commute in Berlin with an animated U-Bahn service map. Investigate which workplaces are reachable by transit in 30 minutes.

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15 years of traffic counts in Texas

Explore 15 years of traffic counts across Texas. Monitor trends in Dallas and Houston and along I-35 and I-10 with Publisher's scenario slider.

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Frankfurt main train station reachability

Discover how far you can go from the Frankfurt main train station in 15 minutes. Use the toggles to change travel modes.

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Use Cases

Overview of car-ownership in London

Discover the relationship between city-center proximity versus car ownership in the city of London.

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Exploring trucks in Victoria, Australia

Review the major trucking routes in Victoria, Australia. See which corridors have high truck percentages and compare to high volume roads.

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Market area and POI analysis

What is the best location for your new business to maximize reach?  Study the main routes that pass by your development site – as well as your competitors.

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Analysis of passenger flows at Halle's main station (Hbf)

Study locations where passengers board public transport and transfer or passing through riders at the main station.

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Create interactive animated public transport timetables

Tour 4 hours of animated vehicle journeys create from public transport timetables. Moving dots attributes provide context to animations.

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Reviewing Copenhagen vehicle free-flow speeds and capacity

Collaborate and review model data or meeting materials with team comments. Create, respond to, and resolve feedback.

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Reporting and sharing data tables as maps

Explore pedestrian safety data. Take your data tables and findings and bring them to life with interactive graphics.

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Scenario Comparisons with on-the-fly calculations

Quickly explore the changes across 2 scenarios with on-the-fly scenario comparison calculations. Compare, aggregate, or develop ratios of attributes.

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