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How to apply toll with the TRIBUT-Equilibrium assignment or the TRIBUT-Equilibrium_Lohse?

Visum offers three toll procedures:
1) Link toll/'TRIBUT':
The toll is defined in combination with the TRIBUT-Equilibrium assignment for every single link with the link attribute 'toll-PrTSys(...)' (barely suitable for TRIBUT-Equilibrium_Lohse). Example: German truck toll on national highways.
2) Area toll which is applied for a special area object. Example: London.
3) Matrix toll, to model degressive road pricing schemes. Example: french highways.

The second and the third one are administrated as toll system and only work in combination with TRIBUT-Equilibrium_Lohse. The consideration of toll systems in the TRIBUT-Equilibrium assignment were subordinated, because the implementation investment and the expected calculation time are not expected to result in anything comparable to TRIBUT-Equilibrium_Lohse. A vignette toll, which in contrary to area toll allows re-entry on particular link types or does not constrain a particular zone with extra costs, is currently not possible in Visum.

Managing Toll systems:
Lists -> Private transport -> Toll -> Toll matrices
you can edit a toll matrix.

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