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Is it possible to save the content of the network editor directly out of Visum? Where is the function ''Screenshot'' in the menu ''Extras'' to be found?

For an output regardless of the format, the following approach is appropriated:
- You can save the content of the window of a graphical editor (without title bar) as .jpg with File -> Export -> JPG Export (Screenshot) (since Visum 12.5) or with Extras -> Screenshot (until Visum 12 inclusively). The screenshot is identical with the cutout of the network editor.
- New since Visum 12.5:
Besides, for every editor with graphical content there is the buttom ''JPG Export (Screenshot)'' (symbolised as a camera) in the tool bar. It can be found in the network editor, in the timetabe editor (graphical timetable and block view), in the transfers display of regular services and in the signal time-space diagram.
- You can save the content of the network window in the voctor-based SVG-format via File -> Save as/Export -> SVG Export.