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How to import data from TransCAD to Visum?

Use the AddIn 'Import TransCAD network', found in:
Scripts -> VisumAddIn -> Import

The interface handles following network objects: nodes, zones, links, turns, connectors and PuT lines.
Please note: importing PuT lines needs manual editing afterwards, because of differences in the data models between TransCAD and Visum.

The interface needs files in formats, which can be exported from TransCAD:
- ESRI shapefiles for the network's topology and geometry.
- ASCII/TXT on turns.

Necessary files:
1) ESRI shp for nodes (including the shx and dbf file).
2) ESRI shp file on links (including the shx and dbf file).

Optional files:
1) ASCII text file holding turn times and closed turns.
2) ESRI shp file holding stops and the order they are served (including the shx and dbf file) [needed to import PuT data].
3) ESRI shp file on routings (including the shx and dbf file) [needed to import PuT data].

Note that this AddIn can be used to import a model into a new empty version file first, and use the interface 'PuT supply from Visum' to integrate this model into any existing model and network.