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How can I exchange lineroutes between version files, based upon the stop order?

To transfer lineroutes or complete timetables from one version to another, proceed as follows:
1) Save the data:
File -> Save as... -> Network. The written *.net file meets the ASCII format.
Use the button ''Frequent cases'' and activate ''Save timetable'' to select all tables needed.
Use the option ''Save only active network objects'' to meet an active filter.
2) In the other version file:
Open the *.net file:
File -> Open -> Network.
3) In the dialog ''Read network'' activate ''Read network file additionally'' and ''Show the 'Completing line routes' window''.
4) In the dialog ''Read network data additionally'' click ''Frequent cases'' and activate ''Read timetable''.
5) In the dialog ''Read network (completing the courses of line routes/system routes)'' use at least the option ''Search for shortest path''.