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Can PTV Visum/PTV Vissim be used temporarily in home office with a software dongle?
Can PTV Visum/PTV Vissim be run on a virtual server or on cloud computing services using a virtual license server with a software dongle?

For flexible temporal use of the software by software dongles Mobile Working Licenses are offered. Please contact:

PTV Visum/PTV Vissim can be run on a virtual server or on cloud computing services, but need access to a dongle, which needs to be plugged in somewhere in the network: A computer or a network USB host, for example:

This works only with a network license. It is not possible to plug in a dongle with a single seat license on a virtual machine.

Note that PTV Visum/PTV Vissim is a Windows desktop application which always uses a window handle and needs to run in a user session.
Take care of the graphics card when using PTV Vissim for 3D animations: