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When starting a new PTV Visum/PTV Vissim release (e.g. PTV Visum 18) an error message is displayed:
'The maintenance period of the requested license (server: .., license number: 900xxxxxx) has expired. The license can therefore not be used. Update your license with the activation code sent to you. Please check your email account or contact your administrator.'
'You cannot use this license (server: .., license number: 900xxxxxx), because the maintenance period has been breached.'

This error message occurs when a license activation ticket was not yet used: e.g. PTV Visum 17 was already installed and running, then a user installs PTV Visum 18 and tries to start it.

Check with your license administrator whether PTV Order Management already sent you a license activation ticket by email. If so, then perform the following steps.

1) Insert the dongle into a local USB port.
2) Open this link in Chrome or Firefox (not Edge or Internet Explorer): http://activate.trafficsoftware.ptvgroup.com/index.php
3) Enter the license ticket activation code that you received and follow the instructions.

If any license activation ticket should be missing, please contact ordermanagement@ptvgroup.com mentioning the corresponding License no.
Note: Without any valid maintenance contract, no license activation ticket was sent. Refer to your local distributor or email traffic.sales@ptvgroup.com.