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Mobility Tech Update

Master the Mobility Revolution: Next-Gen Software and Hardware for Exceptional Results in a Changing Mobility World.

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Unleash the Future: PTV Mobility Software 2024's Game-Changing Features Revealed!

PTV Visum

The multimodal transportation planning software that allows you a super-easy integration of new data in your model & a smooth start to move to ABM

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PTV Vissim

At the 30th birthday of Vissim, lightning-fast calculations, improved vehicle behavior, new 3D models & upgraded signal controllers and usability make this version the best microscopic traffic simulation ever.

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PTV Viswalk

Pedestrian simulation at its best: Optimized pedestrian simulation, 2D labels for pedestrians and directional indicators at pedestrian routes.

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PTV Vistro

The traffic engineering tool provides seamless integration with Centracs, empowering you to study emissions & benefits of electric vehicles and optimize your intersection analysis.

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PTV Optima

Real-time traffic management software, that provides new integration options, the monitoring of pollution levels and delivers accurate traffic flow dynamics.

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Navigate Tomorrow: Uncover the Latest in Mobility Cloud-Based Applications!

PTV Lines

Service planning for local public transport made easy.

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PTV Flows

Empowering Traffic Operators with Predictions & Proactive Traffic Management

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PTV Visum Publisher

Use attractive visualizations to share your mobility story with decision-makers and the public.

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PTV Access

Discover the mobility potential of cities. Our accessibility score indicates how easily you can travel to everyday destinations. 

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PTV Model2Go

Use automation to get a transport model of your city in just one week.

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