PTV Visum 18 Release Highlights

A better, more powerful evolution of our traffic software

  • The latest release of PTV Visum comes with more support for large-scale dynamic models, great new features working with public transport and many smaller features which improve usability, handling and coding. As usual, we’ve also made things faster with significant runtime reduction for some of the static highway assignment procedures.

    Check out the release notes to learn more about all new features.

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Support for large-scale dynamic models

    • The new dynamic matrix estimation procedure gives you the possibility to derive or update dynamic OD matrices using traffic counts. This is especially helpful when working with the large-scale simulation-based dynamic assignment (SBA) models.
    • The new dynamic subnetworks generator ensures that dynamic sub-models consider the entry and exit times of traffic.
    • You can now implement daily signal plans within SBA.

Passenger-focussed public transport analyses

  • New features put the passenger at the centre of public transport evaluation:

    • The new headway offset optimisation procedure shifts the departure time of journeys so that the transfer waiting time is globally minimised, therefore optimising the public transport timetable from the passenger’s perspective.
    • The new risk of delay analysis estimates the risk of delay that could be experienced by passengers based on the timetable and historical performance.

Enhanced usability and handling

    • The new attribute selection window is easier and faster to use (with built-in search!)
    • A new special list documents all attributes and their properties such as data type or description which are available in the data model
    • User-defined attributes can now be managed more easily
    • Filter options have been extended
    • The Python Console Add-in has been improved to provide extensive code completion