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PTV Optima extension: York tackles traffic with Real-Time Signal optimization

PTV Group, part of Umovity, has implemented an expansion of its real-time traffic management software PTV Optima in the City of York. Traffic managers can now analyze and implement traffic signal strategies in real-time resulting in fewer jams, lower emissions, and improvements to journey times of up to 8% in the peaks.

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Powerful Integration: Econolite's EOS Traffic Signal Controller Software Now Available in PTV Vissim

As part of Umovity, PTV Group and Econolite announce a powerful new integration: Econolite’s next generation Advanced Traffic Controller (ATC) software, EOS, is now embedded in the leading traffic simulation software PTV Vissim.

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PTV Group and Econolite introduce revolutionary cloud-based ATMS Integration with predictive traffic monitoring and alerting capabilities

As part of Umovity, Econolite and PTV Group announced today at the ITS America Conference & Expo being held at the Phoenix Convention Center, that they have introduced the industry’s only integrated Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS)-based predictive traffic monitoring and alerting solution

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PTV Group to deliver new strategic transport model for Ho Chi Minh City

PTV Group, part of Umovity, will deliver the new strategic transport model for Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam. The metropolis’ Department of Transportation (DoT) has opted for the premier transport planning solution, PTV Visum, as their standard tool to bolster and advance their transportation system.

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Project COMO: City of Essen and PTV Group drive digitalization of urban mobility

PTV Group is supporting the City of Essen in the digitalization of its transport system. As part of the international umbrella brand Umovity, the software company is spearheading the project Connected Mobility Essen (COMO) .