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PTV Flows Tutorial: How to work with KPIs

Learn how PTV Flows uses KPIs to display the level of congestion and travel time on each corridor with different colors that help to immediately visualize critical or abnormal situations.

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PTV Flows Tutorial: How to monitor congestion

Learn how to use the traffic management tool PTV Flows to monitor the status of critical congestions around the world through the map visualization and the alert list.

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Transportation Modeling
The Quick e-Guide for Mobility and Transport Planners

Download our quick e-guide on Transportation Modeling and read how to master sustainability, safety, and efficiency in mobility.

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Cycling: more than a trend
Free White Paper: Bicycle Playbook

What can you do to make your city more bicycle friendly? Read more in our white paper.

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Research Paper Archive

Access our free archive on all scientific research papers based on PTV software: PTV Vissim, PTV Visum, PTV Viswalk and PTV Vistro.

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PTV Visum Publisher
PTV Visum Publisher Dashboard Gallery

Explore, test & share PTV Visum Publisher use cases, feature highlights, and community contributions.

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