• Forecast and detect traffic events for the next 60 minutes

    Initiating the right mitigation strategy and disseminating incident information to road users as fast as possible is the key to efficient traffic management. Accurate forecasts of the network flow patterns are the basis for cutting congestion and thereby reducing journey times and emissions. PTV Optima allows traffic operators to envisage their network's traffic conditions before they unfold - with a rolling horizon of 5, 10 or 30 minutes up to an hour for planned and unexpected events. Our real-time solution is your tool for active transportation management. It replaces speculations with reliable traffic predictions.

  • Public Transport ETA: Providing accurate forecasts for every line in the public transport network

    With PTV Optima’s module Public Transport Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), public transport managers make sure that transit passengers do no longer have to worry about delays and missed connections. The ETA module can be integrated in to your public transport operation control centre and enables you – based on PTV Optima’s traffic predictions – to alert passengers with more reliable travel information and better manage or minimise your transit customers’ waiting times. Based on real-time data and accurate forecasts, it gives public transport authorities the opportunity to make complex decisions, even in case of unexpected traffic events, taking accidents, stop suppression and service and line disruptions into account.

    While many current approaches to calculate ETA for public transport services are based on historical and statistical data, the PTV Optima Public Transport ETA module uses real-time data and takes also forecasts for private vehicle traffic into account. The forecast calculations include, among others, the current delay per line and stop, the average delay per run and line as well as the maximum line delay. You always stay in control of your public transport system and keep your passengers informed at all times thanks to reliable ETA calculations. With PTV Optima’s ETA module you stay updated about every line in your public transport system knowing every bus, tram and subway’s position based on the GTFS real-time format.

  • HyperPath: A dynamic routing engine for your city’s traffic information platforms

    PTV Optima’s multi-modal journey planner, HyperPath, offers different trip planning features for every mode of transport. To provide your end-users with high-quality traveller information, HyperPath calculates journey time, speed and other mode-specific information along with a range of alternative route choices for cars, trucks, cyclists and pedestrians – always taking into account your network’s current and future traffic conditions. The dynamic routing engine even determines the environmental impact of the various route and mode choices possible. HyperPath can be integrated within your traffic management dashboard, your city’s journey planning apps and traffic information portals and is based on PTV Optima’s reliable and precise traffic predictions.